Project Challenge -- Helping Youth Serve Their Community
Wilderness Trips
  Participants involved in the Project Challenge System, in addition to Community Service and/or Restitution, must participate in a 3-day 2-night backpacking trip. 

Trips take place in a wilderness environment where the group is faced with being entirely self–sufficient. In addition to the physical challenges, youth are faced with a structured daily routine, a curriculum based on initiatives and hands on learning and an ongoing responsibility for group and individual decision making.  During the summer outing season the program switches from backpacking to a whitewater based experience.  Operating out of a base camp in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Project Challenge participants spend 3 days learning how to safely navigate a raft down progressively more difficult sections of the Big Pigeon River.  In the process they are taught the basic skills and safety techniques of river guiding.  The groups also get to hike on a part of the historic Appalachian Trail during this outing.

Four expectations are established at the beginning of the trip: respectful interaction, appropriate behavior, responsibility for personal gear, and teamwork. Peer feedback regarding skill performance and completion comprises an important aspect of this student based learning system and of the Project Challenge System as a whole.
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